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Taste Of Taylor

Oct 17, 2018

On this week’s episode of Taste of Taylor, Taylor dives in with long-time friend and former SiriusXM coworker, Jude Angelini, of The All Out Show on Shade 45. They reminisce about the good ole days and rehash all the drama, in particular a shocking radio war one of them was involved in!
Taylor also talks to Jude about the journey that is his life… and what a life it’s been. From a rough childhood in Detroit, to how he became Rude Jude on the Jenny Jones Show, to hosting his own national hip hop radio show on Eminem’s Chanel, to writing two incredibly unfiltered and vulnerable memoirs Hyenaand Hummingbirdbased on his fascinating and shocking existence. Move over Dos Equis man, because we’re pretty sure Jude Angelini is the most interesting man in the world! 
This episode is funny, yet deep, and of course a little bit shady!

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