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Taste Of Taylor

Oct 10, 2018

On this Episode of Taste of Taylor, Taylor gets a chance to go in with the hilarious Heather McMahan!  Taylor dissects her viral Britney 911 Instagram Stories…the inspiration for her Britney 911's, when and how it went viral, and of course she gives some serious inside scoop on what the hell is up with Britney Spears!  The tea be spilling people!!!  And obvi we debate which celeb she needs to be saving next on her GRAM…Lindsay Lohan, Justin Bieber, Tara Reid we see you.  She also talks about what it was like growing up in Hot-lanta, her love of Aperol Spritzes, living your truth, and how to get your dream job in this crazy world ruled by social media!  This in-depth interview gives you the ultimate 411 on the hysterical, real, and inspiring Heather McMahan! BONUS:  We guarantee you will laugh your ass off from start to finish!

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