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Taste of Taylor

May 30, 2018

Hey girl hey! My dear friend Matt Ryan joins me on this episode in which we discuss being if we'd rather be pretty or rich, friendship loyalty, wanting to unfollow people, but feeling bad about it, and more! xx Tay

May 23, 2018

Hey girl hey! My girls Daryn Carp and Hannah Berner join me on this episode for a whole bunch of millennial madness! We talk about millennial dating and casual hook up culture, one night stands, shaving your legs, and Daryn and I both learn a lot about "boyfriend dick." xx Tay

May 16, 2018

Hey girl hey! Today’s episode is a very special broadcast that was recorded at THE Cannes Film Festival in France!

May 9, 2018

Hey girl hey! You all will finally get a chance to meet my co-host Rob Shuter on this episode! Rob and I discuss celebrities we hate and who don't deserve their fame, like the Cash Me Outside girl, the Lachey brothers, Ashley Simpson, and more! We also dish on what it's like being on a red carpet and talk about our...

May 2, 2018

Hey girl hey! 'Jurassic World II' star Daniella Pineda joins co-host Sean Kilby and me for another original Taste of Taylor episode! Daniella dishes on what we all really want to know... what it's like working with Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard! She also gives us insight to the world of acting and auditions, how...