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Taste of Taylor

Jun 8, 2023

After SEVENTEEN years in the biz Tay FINALLY hit 100K followers on Instagram! She debates how to celebrate this milestone, tries not to forget the little people, and vows to use her platform to forever drag the trolls.


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Jun 1, 2023

In honor of Pride month, Tay attempts to be a poster-child for open sexuality. But... can someone who’s never masturbated really hold that badge of honor? She's out and she’s proud and she’s prude!


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May 25, 2023

This week Taylor has on her wife, Taylor, to recap what The Mommy Dearest tour life is like through her perspective. They talk about what it’s like to tour with your significant other, spill the tea on a Tomato Patch encounter, and TD confesses whether Taylor Strecker is a tour diva? 


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May 18, 2023

Tay has her mom on this week to breakdown her honest reaction to Tay’s opening set for the Mommy Dearest Tour. Both of Tay’s parents were at the Boston show last week but Tay was especially nervous to do her strap-on joke in front of Babsy. 
Did Tay change her set? Did Babsy almost bail? Nothing says happy...

May 11, 2023

Tay sits down with Dr. Jamie Gable, Clinical Direction for Advitam at the Shaffer Clinic in NYC. They talk through her peptide journey, why Ozempic is so controversial, and what it actually does to your body. If you’re considering taking a peptide or just curious about the drugs in general, you don’t want to miss...