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Taste of Taylor

Jun 27, 2018

Hey girl hey! So as it turns out, I am not very hip to the kids these days. My co-host Sean Kilby and I run through a list of 2018 slang words such as mansplaining, bible, snatched, cray, and more and try to figure out what they mean and where they came from. xx Tay

Jun 20, 2018

Hey girl hey! This week, I've got a two part interview with Mandy Teefey, mother of THE Selena Gomez! Mandy discusses her Netflix series '13 Reasons Why,' gives facts on suicide and why she opted to pick up the TV series, and she may or may not tell me she loves me, which I may or may not have baited her into saying. xx Tay

Jun 13, 2018

Hey girl hey! Missed our live show at Caroline's on Broadway? We got you covered with a clip, featuring Sean Kilby! Then, Sean and I close out with an interview with pop artist Nick "Hizzy" Hissom. This is one you don't wanna miss! xx Tay

Jun 6, 2018

Hey girl hey! My guuuuurl Carly Aquilino from 'Girl Code' is on today's episode. We tell A BUNCH of really embarassingly hilarious stories, such as bra stuffings gone wrong, period disasters, and even some really horrifying bathroom stories. Tune in and get a big laugh at our expense! xx Tay