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Taste of Taylor

Aug 29, 2018

Hey girl hey! I am so excited to introduce you all to my dear friend, chef Alex Thomopoulos! Alex dropped by last Monday and we dished on how Instagram can ruin your day, trolls and how to handle them, toxic fandom, and celebrities who clap back, including Alex's friend Sophia Bush! xx Tay

Aug 22, 2018

Hey girl hey! My girl Claudia Oshry, who you may know from The Morning Toast or as @GirlWithNoJob on Instagram, joins me for a very deep interview regarding the controversy she and her sister faced earlier this year over old tweets. This is the first interview she did regarding the matter, so check it out! xx Tay

Aug 15, 2018

Hey girl hey! My girl Daryn Carp and I get into it about Britney Spears! We talk about the hilariously embarrassing incident where she didn't know Andy Cohen's name, IG influencer Heather K McMahan's Britney 911 stories and how real they might be, and much more! xx Tay

Aug 8, 2018

In this episode of Taste of Taylor, Taylor Strecker and Lori Bergamatto start off being catty about celebs but somehow turn the conversation into an Oprah-esque reflection on fame.  Thanks to our sponsor Poshmark, you can get $5 with code: taylorstrecker and find Taylor's closet @taylorstrecker.

Aug 1, 2018

Hey Girl Hey!  Today Jared Freid and I FINALLY got a chance to reunite and catch up!  I feel like he is me with a peenie so obvi Im OBSESSED with him!  We laugh, we get deep, we lock eyes!  And because Jared is the self proclaimed Douche Dear Abby we answer a TON of your surprise me questions! Could it be yours? xx...