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Taste of Taylor

Aug 18, 2022

This week Tay is joined by @drwider to break down her recent EMDR therapy treatment. It is very controversial and might sound a little woo woo but when effective the results can be incredible. To know Tay is to know that she has been tortured by her “tomato” for far too long and she finally decided to do something...

Aug 11, 2022

Actor and star of the Harold and Kumar trilogy, House, and Designated Survivor, Kal Penn joins Tay this week to talk about how he went from being a movie star to working with Barack Obama, coming out in Hollywood, his upcoming wedding, and his real-life weed smoking habits. Don’t forget to check out his book ‘You...

Aug 4, 2022

Tay sits down with Larry Crespo, the mastermind behind the Instagram account @bravobygays. They share their opinions on bringing in new Housewives, the inconsistencies between reality TV today vs. 20 years ago, and the new splash of Lala’s payback.



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Jul 28, 2022

This week, Tay finally has on her Salami-Squad sister Paige DeSorbo. They kibitz about the moment they fell in love at Hannah Berner’s bachelorette party, all things Bravo obvi, and what it’s been like to start an on-air romance!


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Discover the...

Jul 21, 2022

Who needs porn when you’ve got Zillow! The Taylor’s breakdown their recent house huntings in the burbs and what happened with their dream house. They also have a heated debate about how they would spend their hypothetical lottery winnings, and Taylor talks her supposed net worth.


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